06 /18 2023
日本国際ポスター美術館所蔵 ポスター展2023
World Female Poster Designer Exhibition Sky-High to a Beautiful Worldに寄せて

 この展覧会のタイトル Sky-High to a Beautiful Worldは、女性が「ガラスの天井」を打ち破り、自由に生きることができる、より平等な社会への夢を込めた。

 今世界中で取り組まれているSDGsの項目の中に「No.5 ジェンダー平等」がある。

日本国際ポスター美術館ディレクター、岐阜市立女子短期大学 講師

To grow the precedents by women, for women
The title of this exhibition, “Sky-High to a Beautiful World” is the reflection of our yearning for a truly equal society where women have shattered glass ceiling and can soar to unlimited heights.
The exhibited posters are the recent creations by women designers who are thriving on the world stage. The vibrant colors, strong images, bold design, and clear messages shatter the old stereotypes one may have about women and redefine the concept of femininity.
The collection by Ogaki Poster Museum represented this dismal reality, and the works by men greatly outnumbered those by women. However, whenever I attend international poster biennials, I meet the women playing integral roles in front as designers and back as show runners. I begin to wonder and crave to see many more great posters by women I have yet to encounter. That urge was the driving force that birthed this event.
Therefore, we called on women designers who are related to the museum and further expanded our network to designers recommended by them. It is very meaningful to be able to introduce the strong visual messages of outstanding women designers from around the world here in Ogaki.
Our mission resonated; many women designers responded to our call. We want the young women who studies Japanese design to see the powerful visual messages of these confident, assertive women who are tackling and solving the problems, setting precedents, and paving the way. We want them to be inspired and go out to set precedents for future generations. All of us long for the day when women are represented in all walks of life and the labels such as “by women” become so prevalent and obsolete. Until then, let us shed light on the other half of the world that we always wanted to see.
Tomoko Miyagawa
Director, Ogaki Poster Museum, Japan
Full-time lecturer, Gifu City Women’s College



Tomoko Miyagawa

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